Caring Real Estate Agents of NY

Join us for a for a fun-filled night of tournament-style Poker Action to support charities in our area.

Every Wednesday Night starting at 8 pm.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the following charities.

grandma's love inc

Grandma's Love, Inc. strives to mobilize communities, individuals, and resources to provide food on the weekends for elementary school children and their families who might otherwise go hungry. They ensure children at-risk of hunger are supplied with enough food and books to grow into healthy, happy, and active children emotionally, physically, and educationally. During the coronavirus pandemic, they have partnered with other organizations to provide food to families and elderly who cannot leave their homes.

KW Cares is the heart of the Keller Williams culture in action, finding and serving the higher purposes of business through charitable giving in the market centers and communities where KW associates live and work.



To play in the tournament, you will need first to install a Poker App called PPPoker on your iPhone, Android, or Windows computer.



  1. Register for a PPPoker account. Make a note of the player nickname you choose and the player ID associated with your account.
  2. Join the club CREA of NY
    1. Click the magnifying glass icon located to the right of the word Club
    2. Enter Club ID: 2112334
  3. Send an email to with the following information:
    1. Your first and last name.
    2. Best contact telephone number
    3. PPPoker Player ID and nickname (if you created one)
  4. A club host will then accept you into the club.
  5. Once we verify your information and your funds received, you will then have PPPoker chips placed in your account.  The number of PPPoker chips you will see assigned to your account once you are inside the club will be the same as the amount of funds you sent.  AT THIS POINT, YOU CAN REGISTER FOR ANY OF THE TOURNAMENTS LISTED.
  6. You will be able to rebuy, add-on, or enter another tournament as long as you have sufficient funds in your PPPoker account.  Please send all funds by 3 pm on May 14th.

Once you have done the above steps, it will be necessary for you to send the funds needed to play. Please send enough funds to cover all of your entry fees, rebuys, or add-ons. Funds sent while the tournaments are in progress may not be credited to your account in time or at all. YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR PPPoker ID and nickname in the notes section of your payment app when sending.

Please use Venmo, CashApp or Zelle. Make sure to include your PPPoker Player Name in the payment comments.


Or scan the Venmo link with your phone.






  1. You MUST SEND ALL ENTRY, REBUY and ADDON fees THROUGH VENMO @Charles-A-Olson, ZELLE or CASHAPP $CharlesOlson1
  2. You are encouraged to pay in advance for your Entry, Rebuys and Addon. If you send funds while the tournament is running, you may have a delay in being able to enter the Tournament, Rebuy, Addon, or may not be able to do so at all.
  3. You must add your PPPoker name to payment notes (each time you send a payment)
  4. We will send All Payouts through Zelle.
  5. If you paid in advance for Rebuys or Addon and did not use all of these funds in the tournament, you must request a refund within 72 hours, or we will donate the money to the charities.
  6. If you register and then are unable to play, you must unregister before the start, or we will consider you in the tournament.
  7. In the event of technical difficulties preventing the launch of the tournament, we will have a make up tournament on Friday, May 15th, at 8 pm.
  8. For questions, comments, concerns, please text Charles Olson at 917 836 1050 or email at


We will be hosting three tournaments on Thursday, May 14th starting at 8 pm. You may choose to play in any of the tournaments and can play in 1, 2, or all 3 of them at the same time. Whichever you play, please send in advance enough money to cover your entry fee, rebuys and addons.  The structure is as follows:

Tournament Entry$10$25$50
Starting Chips10,00010,00010,000
RebuyUnlimited2 Times2 Times
Rebuy Fee$10$25$50
Addon2x starting chips2x starting chips2x starting chips
Addon Fee$10$25$50
Breaks5 Min every 55 min5 Min every 55 min5 Min every 55 min
Blinds Up5 Minutes5 Minutes5 Minutes
Blind LevelsStandardStandardStandard